Bobbio and Trebbia Valley

Bobbio dall'alto - foto © Enrico Mingardoil Ponte Gobbo - foto © Enrico MingardoBobbio: festa di San Colombano - foto © Enrico MingardoAnsa del Trebbia a Brugnello- foto © Enrico MingardoBobbio: portone - foto © Enrico Mingardo

Bobbio is a pleasant holiday resort on the 272 m. above sea level, their importance is due to the abbey of St. Colomban, founded in the 613, and several historical monuments, among which we must remember, also San Colombano Abbey, the Cathedral, the famous Ponte Gobbo, thanks to an ancient legend that is also called “Devil’s Bridge”, the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Mercy and the Museum of the Abbey.

Beautiful buildings of great artistic value, further embellish this “CITY OF ART” where every church, palace or just a stone house has its own artistic and documented as well as a fascinating and ancient history to discover.

Hemingway called it “the most beautiful valley in the world” when 1945 he run through with the allied army. More importantly, the theory of an historian, Carla Glori, who argues that the famous painting of the Mona Lisa was painted in Bobbio, it’s the Ponte Gobbo the bridge shown above.

In Bobbio each year, especially during the summer, we organize many cultural, artistic or entertainment events.

The most important is the “Bobbio Film Festival” directed by Marco Bellocchio. Today is in its fifteenth edition. A film festival of the most important Italian current films with the presence of the most important artists of the Italian cinema also an exhibition and two training courses: a course of direction and a course in film criticism.

The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge, also called Gobbo to the irregularity of its eleven bays, is a symbol of the city. Its existence is documented from 1196 when a certain Anselmo de Oppici left the money for its maintenance.
However, there are reasons that they would go back to age precolombaniana on the right bank of the river, in fact, there are different activities, for example, there were the salt of the leader Sundrarit Lombard. Until the sixteenth century the bridge was composed of a few strings that reached number 11 only during the next century. The building is also known as ”the Devil’s Bridge” by the popular legend that tells of creation.
It is said that St. Colombano anxious to bring the word of God to the people who lived across the river agreed to conclude a pact with the Devil. He undertook to build a bridge in a single night in exchange for the first living thing that would cross. The next morning, though with irregular shapes and arches, due to the different height of the devils in the night they had supported the construction, the bridge was completed and the Irish monk take our word for the first pass, however, by a dog.

The Trebbia Valley

The Trebbia Valley is dominated by the Apennine mountains to paint a beautiful landscape, rich in flora and the fauna of value, allow you to make a pleasant and at times challenging excursions.
A river, il Trebbia, which here falls charming in its stony shore, free to create winding paths so dear to the canoeist and fishermen, who will find several species of fish. Clear water and deep in some places are a favorite of the bather.
Famous in the past for its thermal springs, today, is waiting for the thermal baths will restored and reopened.